Ari Satia Nugraha
Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Jember

Ari S. Nugraha received his PhD in organic chemistry (natural product) from University of Wollongong (UoW) in 2015 under supervisor Prof. Paul A. Keller. He completed his MSc by research degree (2010) from the same university at UoW, Australia, Undegraduate in Pharmacy (2002) at Univeristy of Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. He also did his professional degree (Pharmacist) at the University of Gadjah Mada, Indonesia in 2003. He was appointed as lecturer (full position) at Faculty of Pharmacy University of Jember (UoJ) in 2004-2007 and served as Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (2006). He has joinedcollaborative research between Centre for Medicinal Chemistry and Institute forConservation Biology and Enviromental Management, UoW on stuies of the Antarctic mossand Australian fly (2011-2015). He has developed his spectroscopic and spectrometric laboratory skills (NMR (1D, 2D), IR, EIMS, ESMS, GCMS, LCMS/MS, UV-Vis). His expertise in HPLC (analytical and semi-preparative) has provided a good service at School ofChemistry, UoW (2010-2015). He has also developed his synthetic skills (organic molecules). He has returned to his full academic position at Department of PharmaceuticalChemistry, UoJ in 2015 and started his own research group in drug discovery. His current research (collaboration with Keller Research Group at UoW) is conducting pharmacochemical screening of selected Indonesian medicinal plants (alkaloids) and studies on neglected Indonesian epiphytic medicinal plants. He is also currently conducting a collaborative research in Leibniz Institute for Plant Biochemistry under DAAD Biohealth postdoctoral scheme.

Academic Area

BSc (Pharmacy) Gadjah Mada University 2002
Apt (Pharmacist) Gadjah Mada University 2003
GDipSc (Chemistry) University of Wollongong Australia 2008
MSc-Res (Medicinal Chemistry) University of Wollongong Australia 2010 (Supervisor: Prof. Paul A. Keller)
PhD (Organic Chemistry) University of Wollongong Australia 2015 (Supervisor: Prof. Paul A. Keller)

Awards and Honors

Australian Development Scholarships, 2006-2009
University Postgraduate Award, UoW, 2010-2014
International Postgraduate Tuition Award, UoW, 2010-2015
DAAD postdoctoral fellowships, Leibniz IPB - Germany (2016-current)

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